Monday, October 13, 2008

Snippets of conversation

One of the many small things that amuses me more than it should is when I overhear just one sentence of a conversation, and it's something totally absurd. For the last two years I've lived on a high-traffic floor of an Honors dorm, so you can imagine how outrageous these snippets can be.

Some of my favorites (pardon the language)...

From a guy VERY angry guy walking briskly through campus and talking on his phone: "Somebody ate all the fucking Sour Patch Kids!"

From some dude walking past my room:
"The thing that freaked me out was, there were three guys sitting by me...and they were all business majors."

From a guy in a parking lot at Kauffman Stadium:
"And he burned the fucking gumball machine!"

From someone in a dorm room near mine:
"Wait, wait! You're gonna need toilet paper!"

From two old ladies walking through the Intimates section at Target:
"We should buy thongs...underwear."

It's no surprise that sites like Overheard in New York and all its spinoffs appeal to me so much.

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