Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Googling for dum---err, for everyone.

I like to know how people get to my main blog, Baseball and Other Things, so I check Sitemeter pretty often. I love when people Google really odd things to get to it. One of my favorites ever came just the other day, when someone searched for "'Eric Seidman' crap." (I suspect it may have been Seidman himself.)

And here's another great one: What has happened to Kip Wells?

Yes, because Google works just like a conversation. Just....awesome.

UPDATE: I did some asking, and it was not Seidman himself who googled "'Eric Seidman' crap." But he seemed rather amused that someone did that.

In other news, I joined Twitter just so I could get updates from Shaq's feed. One of the updates that convinced me how awesome an experience this would be was "Whatthe hell is wrong wit da suns"


Monday, November 10, 2008

Making someone feel uncomfortable

Over 60,000 facebook users say they'll be taking part in the 1st Annual International Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable Day this Friday. I am among that crowd, and am planning small ways I can celebrate the holiday.

I don't see any need to be inappropriate, like Party Boy from Jackass (NSFW), but that might just be because I lack the sparkly silver thong and bow tie. Anyway, no need to risk getting arrested for indecent exposure; there are lots of ways to make people feel awwwwwkward.

- If you find yourself in a mostly-empty waiting room, sit in the chair right next to someone. If he/she doesn't appear to be fazed by your presence alone, stick your elbow up on the armrest between you every now and again. Don't keep it there.

- Hum the guitar solos of your favorite 80s hair metal ballads, everywhere you go.

- Stand right next to someone in an otherwise empty elevator.
- Fart.

- Fall asleep standing, preferably in the middle of a conversation.

- Trip over something very small.

- Try to high-five everyone you see. Coworkers, homeless people, bankers, cops, the guy at the next urinal, everyone.

- Wink at random people. Never underestimate the creepiness of a bad wink. (Hint: Most are bad.)

- Sneeze into your hands, pause a beat, then try to shake someone's hand.

- During casual conversation, randomly raise and lower the volume of your voice.

- Loudly applaud random things that happen in quiet rooms.

- Use your best Hannibal Lector voice all day.

- Wear your pants backwards.

- Laugh like SpongeBob. (Unrelated note: I love this episode..."I can't see my forehead!")

There are lots of other ways to make someone feel uncomfortable this Friday. Usually, a simple invasion of space does the trick. It's not hard to do, and it can be very rewarding, so join the movement on Facebook and go get awkward this Friday!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Snippets of conversation

One of the many small things that amuses me more than it should is when I overhear just one sentence of a conversation, and it's something totally absurd. For the last two years I've lived on a high-traffic floor of an Honors dorm, so you can imagine how outrageous these snippets can be.

Some of my favorites (pardon the language)...

From a guy VERY angry guy walking briskly through campus and talking on his phone: "Somebody ate all the fucking Sour Patch Kids!"

From some dude walking past my room:
"The thing that freaked me out was, there were three guys sitting by me...and they were all business majors."

From a guy in a parking lot at Kauffman Stadium:
"And he burned the fucking gumball machine!"

From someone in a dorm room near mine:
"Wait, wait! You're gonna need toilet paper!"

From two old ladies walking through the Intimates section at Target:
"We should buy thongs...underwear."

It's no surprise that sites like Overheard in New York and all its spinoffs appeal to me so much.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


It's not often that I think about things other than sports, but it does happen. And when it does, I often want to write essays, to share those non-sports thoughts with...someone. But I'd rather keep my original site, Baseball and Other Things, reserved for sports stuff. So this is my new space for more random things, because there's not as much baseball to cover in the winter as there is during the summer...fancy that.

Here, let's start things off right, with a picture of a hot chick.



So, welcome!