Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Googling for dum---err, for everyone.

I like to know how people get to my main blog, Baseball and Other Things, so I check Sitemeter pretty often. I love when people Google really odd things to get to it. One of my favorites ever came just the other day, when someone searched for "'Eric Seidman' crap." (I suspect it may have been Seidman himself.)

And here's another great one: What has happened to Kip Wells?

Yes, because Google works just like a conversation. Just....awesome.

UPDATE: I did some asking, and it was not Seidman himself who googled "'Eric Seidman' crap." But he seemed rather amused that someone did that.

In other news, I joined Twitter just so I could get updates from Shaq's feed. One of the updates that convinced me how awesome an experience this would be was "Whatthe hell is wrong wit da suns"