Monday, November 10, 2008

Making someone feel uncomfortable

Over 60,000 facebook users say they'll be taking part in the 1st Annual International Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable Day this Friday. I am among that crowd, and am planning small ways I can celebrate the holiday.

I don't see any need to be inappropriate, like Party Boy from Jackass (NSFW), but that might just be because I lack the sparkly silver thong and bow tie. Anyway, no need to risk getting arrested for indecent exposure; there are lots of ways to make people feel awwwwwkward.

- If you find yourself in a mostly-empty waiting room, sit in the chair right next to someone. If he/she doesn't appear to be fazed by your presence alone, stick your elbow up on the armrest between you every now and again. Don't keep it there.

- Hum the guitar solos of your favorite 80s hair metal ballads, everywhere you go.

- Stand right next to someone in an otherwise empty elevator.
- Fart.

- Fall asleep standing, preferably in the middle of a conversation.

- Trip over something very small.

- Try to high-five everyone you see. Coworkers, homeless people, bankers, cops, the guy at the next urinal, everyone.

- Wink at random people. Never underestimate the creepiness of a bad wink. (Hint: Most are bad.)

- Sneeze into your hands, pause a beat, then try to shake someone's hand.

- During casual conversation, randomly raise and lower the volume of your voice.

- Loudly applaud random things that happen in quiet rooms.

- Use your best Hannibal Lector voice all day.

- Wear your pants backwards.

- Laugh like SpongeBob. (Unrelated note: I love this episode..."I can't see my forehead!")

There are lots of other ways to make someone feel uncomfortable this Friday. Usually, a simple invasion of space does the trick. It's not hard to do, and it can be very rewarding, so join the movement on Facebook and go get awkward this Friday!